I’m a Filmmaker and Photographer from North Wales, where the mountains meet the sea. I get my kicks from the great outdoors; hiking up mountains, jumping in lakes or rambling along a breezy coastal cliff. I enjoy slow adventures, moody weather and natural light. I’m lucky enough to live in a place that is surrounded by an abundance of nature and incredible landscapes and I thrive off spending time amongst it all. My passion for the outdoors has grown over the years and, like many others, I find it a necessary part of my life now. Just as it cares for me, I care for it.

I’ve been working as a filmmaker for almost 7 years and co-founded my own production company at Follow Films. I’ve built up a strong skill set, not only behind the lens but in developing ideas and crafting stories. My work combines all that I love about the outdoors and image making. Whether I’m shooting landscapes, documenting my travels or working with other folks to help tell the stories of their passions. Every element of what I do always has a goal to educate and inspire.

If you think we could make something awesome together then let’s chat!